Our fire baskets or "dog inches baskets are designed to hold solid fuel although some are have gas fires available to fit them.

They are a cast iron free standing grate and back that contains the solid fuel that sits inside a fireplace opening.

"Dogs inches are front supports for the basket and frequently are a site for ornate decoration.

Georgian Firebasket

The Balmoral Fire Basket

Georgian Firebaskets evolved from early simple designs and tended to have a simple cradle appearance with ornate Adams style decoration.

Early Victorian Fire Baskets

The Griffin Fire Basket

Early Victorian Firebaskets are much lower than Georgian baskets and often have seperate dogs at the front.

Victorian Fire Baskets

The Dorchester Fire Basket

Firebaskets in the Mid Victorian period have larger and more heavily decorated firebacks

Arts and Crafts Fire Baskets

The Scott Fire Basket

Arts and Crafts Firebaskets tend to be low with simple styling.

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